Web based Payroll software Features (must)
Web based Payroll software Features (must)
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Compulsory Core & HRIS Management
  • Dynamic employee code creation should be one of the most important features of this module wherein the code pattern gets generated automatically based on a combination of alphabets or serial numbers.
  • An employee can enter his personal details, wherein he can update his marital status, languages known, family details, personal and contact details, Emergency contact details, References etc…
  • Apart than these, the employee’s job experience, academic and qualification related details can be stored
  • Disciplinary actions like suspensions, salary cuts or terminations can be maintained as well.
  • Searching for employees based on criteria, age and experience in the company and generating reports of the same is possible very easily. You can send email / SMS to your employees.
  • It has a very powerful org chart creator, which depicts the number of location your company is based along with the list of departments and designations.
  • HRIS also have a detailed reporting chart, which depicts employee names, designations and snaps along with their reporting relationships.
  • When an employee leaves your company, conduct an exit interview after filling up the exit form in which you have to mention the reasons for exit, date of resignation and separation and decide whether you want to prevent him from logging onto HRIS/HRMS here on.
  • Employee Documents library where HR can attached any number of documents employee wise and documents of assets which has been assigned to employee. Scan, upload, and store all documents of employees like mark sheets, birth certificates, etc. online and access them from wherever you are.
  • Employee will get daily celebrations email for Birth days.
  • Employee self-service leads to less work for the HR department, faster feedback, greater transparency and better employee satisfaction. HRIS/HRMS ESS on cloud also helps your team to collaborate well without paper and making you Go Green.


Attendance Management/Employee Time Management
  • HRIS/HRMS has been configured to pick up swipe card data from any access control system directly on real time basis. HRIS/HRMS can pick up attendance data from any reader automatically on a real-time basis from all locations giving you instant analysis at the head office as to who has come at what time without calling anyone in any location.
  • Get in-depth business intelligence with real time data tracking of employee attendance, leaves, holidays, shift rosters etc.
  • The attendance month period can be set different than the calendar month to take into account the cutoff provision to be able to give salaries on the 1st of every month.
  • You can define any number of fixed / flexi and semi flexi shifts in a day by defining the number of hours to be worked in a day and after how many hours the half day starts and whether the timeout can be on the next day.
  • Any combination of weekly offs can be set for a group of employees based on every (say) Sunday and / or 1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th and 5th (say) Saturday or on the basis of even / odd monthly or even / odd yearly occurrences of the day of the week.
  • You can configure any number of attendance readers based on any number of organizational hierarchies and also decide whether you want to pick up the data from a the database on online real time basis or schedule data pick up timings.
  • HRIS/HRMS also has a provision of separate permission cards which can be used to regularize attendance of employees who have come late to office coming in a company bus or have to be sent early in case of riots or heavy rains but it should record normal shift out.
  • Attendance methods in HRIS/HRMS can be based on monthly register, daily attendance register or thru swipe card or biometric card with provision to give grace periods.
  • You can set very powerful absenteeism rules like: Set weekly offs as absent if weekly is found between two absent OR Set public holiday as absent if public holiday is found between two absents.
  • Employees can regularize their attendance online thru employee self service in case they forget to bring their swipe card.
  • Auto shift rotation could be easily done employee group wise based on n number of shifts & weekly offs.
  • Very powerful late coming, early going, monthly deficit hours and overtime policies can be set and whether the same be adjusted against an employee’s leave or salary based on fixed or multiple time or salary amount. You can also set maximum over time hours that can be taken and OT can start after how many minutes after shift out time.
  • Bulk attendance updating tools help you update the attendance data fast and easy.
  • Import attendance from Microsoft Excel. There is also option to upload monthly salary pay days to process salary without daily IN-OUT timings.
  • Employee will get notifications and alerts for missed punches or odd punches which creates problem in calculating actual work hours. Much of your administrative effort goes towards regularizing absence due to missed punches, office duty, working on a different shift, and so on.
  • In case an employee is going out of office for duty or is working overtime, then such applications can be routed through it.


Employee Leave Management
  • HRIS/HRMS should have a global leave module-we can set leave system for any firm worldwide however complicated in a few hours. Employees do not need a paper based leave history card or leave application form.
  • Users can apply their leaves online from anywhere anytime. Clear and transparent system which your employees will trust.
  • Leave rules can be set at any hierarchy like grade or location levels
  • You can define any number of leave names and compensatory off. For each of these leave names, you can define any number of sub leave names. For e.g. whether casual leave can be encashed or not and whether it can be deducted if an employee comes late etc.
  • HRIS should have ability to import leaves data from Microsoft Excel template.
  • Total leaves in a year can be set with provision for maximum or minimum leaves at a time.
  • A particular leave can be carried forward.
  • You can define maximum and minimum number of leaves to be encashed at a time keeping a certain balance.
  • Any kind of complicated Leave rules can be credited either on advance / pro rata / accumulated or on accrued basis on monthly quarter or yearly basis.
  • Certain leaves like maternity leave need not be made visible in the leave application form. Such leaves can be manually approved by the HRD when required.
  • In case an employee does not have a balance then also employee can apply for leave with different code such as LWP or LOP.
  • Sandwiching rules can be easily set and whether you want to include the weekly offs, public holidays and paid leave as a part of that leave application.
  • You can also check how many employees are going to be on leave in a certain period for advanced leave planning.
  • Leave balances and rules can be seen, applied and approved online by all employees in a few clicks and can also be approve by second reporting person or HR in case an immediate superior is not present. Leave applications are connected to your mail server.
  • The week before your leave management module has to go live, you can import the leaves taken by all the employees in that year as also the carry forward from the previous year through an excel sheet.
  • In case an employee is not having an online access to HRIS/HRMS then the concerned superior or the HRD can manually approve his leave application.
  • Leaves data can be adjusted manually either added or reduced from the existing leave balance
  • Year-end need not mean extra work anymore. With easy to use tools complete the year end processing for lapsing leaves, carry-forward, auto-encashment, etc. Have a tension free transition to the next year.


Human Resource Administration
  • Employee Policy acceptance form on the first time login through ESS.
  • Revised policy acceptance online on ESS login.
  • It also keeps a tab on the assets like PCs, AC’s etc allotted to the employees and, who is in-charge of allotting, revoking and clearing it and what is the value of the asset.
  • Employees can submit their claims for reimbursement of expenses, employee level, city and branch wise expense limits set.
  • Employee Travel management facility is also there where AirPort (i.e., Local as well as International) and expenses detail during travel will be applied and go for approval to supervisor.
  • Submit claims for all official expenses like hotel bills, travelling expenses, and mobile bills by scanning and uploading bills online and get claims approved by your managers, no matter whether you are in office or not.
  • There should be also a provision to do manual claim entries by the HOD or HR in case the employee crosses his limits or he doesn’t have online access to HRIS/HRMS. Extremely detailed local, intra city and international travel request management can be done.
  • Share any information with all employees of your company in a common place with information display board of HRIS/HRMS and get rid of redundant communications in different locations.


Payroll Processing
  • Employees can contribute extra voluntarily to their PF account and give details of the family members who are going to be nominated for various schemes.
  • Configure even most complex salary structures and also create multiple salary structures with ease by creating multiple salary templates for various categories of employees, and mapping employees to their relevant salary templates.
  • Manage ad hoc earnings or deductions for a particular month.
  • Any kind of loans or salary advances can be defined.
  • Once a loan is granted the loan EMI calculations can be automatically done in HRIS/HRMS.
  • The personal or housing loan comes as a deduction in the pay slip. Get a report at any point of time to figure out how many employees have taken the loan and how much of the loan money is outstanding.
  • Any number of perks earning can be defined as also the number of pay earning, perk recovery and deductions.
  • You can define the IT exemption limits.
  • In Pay heads like HRA, standard salary entitlement can be based on fixed amount or formula based.
  • Pay heads can be included in full or final settlement.
  • HRIS/HRMS can be customized 100% for even the most complicated pay calculations in the entire world.
  • Create JV reports in excel format based on any combination of pay heads so as to be able to import into your accounting software thus doing away with any kind of salary related data entries again.
  • In case your firm has flexible benefit plan then it is very easy to configure the pay heads included in flexible benefits based on formula or a maximum limit.
  • The profession tax table applicable in various Indian states has already been created.
  • All the changes announced by the finance minister in the annual budget are implemented in seconds using a powerful income tax formula builder.
  • HRIS/HRMS should have a very elaborate increment process based on pay cycles or slab bases or it could also be based on formula applicable to certain pay groups.
  • HRIS/HRMS should have promotion management module to track progress of employees and employee history tracking. Global ID maintained to track particular employee’s multiple time joining the same organisation with interval of time period in Employee History
  • HRIS/HRMS has a powerful import facility in which you can import loans investments, increment, processed salary data and current month’s payroll data using excel.
  • Salary processing can be done in a few easy steps. For full and final settlement of employees more or less the same steps as just explained in salary processing are to be followed.
  • With HRIS/HRMS online payroll system, you have a permanent solution for generating pay slips. Get 100% accurate and professional looking pay-slips, instantly, and without any effort!
  • Send Attendance detail of month to all or specific employees before beginning of salary process for checking, so maximum regularisations done before final payroll run.
  • Send Salary Slip to all or some employees in Email after salary processing.
  • Keep salaries of specific employees on hold when you are not sure whether an employee will return back to work or not. Pay salaries on hold, whenever you want, by unlocking stop payment and process salary along with arrears of previous months with minimum fuss and maximum effectiveness.
  • Employees should be able to fill their investment declaration forms online. They can also view their salary, loan and income slips in a few clicks
  • Payroll module should have lots of standard reports like company wise, department wise, designation wise, salary statements, Form 16, PF, ESIC statements, loan transaction, arrears and TDS reports.
  • Generate salary disbursement statements and bank advices to credit employees’ salary.
  • Upload previous years processed salary data using bulk updates with Microsoft Excel template to maintain salary history. Also upload previous unpaid bonus, incentives, retention amount in the HRIS/HRMS.
  • Other reports like salary reconciliation, transfer and promotion report as also e-form 24 Q, PF and ESIC reports and challans can be generated.
  • F&F settlements should be simple and easy to do. The system handles all aspects of settlement like recovery of pending dues, notice pay, leave encashment, etc. to compute the Final settlement amount. Final settlement pay slips can be generated. Moreover, you can also do resettlement of an already settled employee for any additional payouts.


Customized Report, Statutory Forms & Registers
  • Online Payroll makes it easy to meet all your Provident Fund (PF) requirement right from setting up of master information to filing of returns online. Generates Electronic Challan Cum Receipt (ECR) file, which can be uploaded on EPFO employer e-sewa portal.
  • Online one file needs to be uploaded every month. There is no need of submitting Form 5/10/12A/3A/6A.
  • Online Payroll enables you to comply with ESI rules and regulations with no extra efforts. Automatically considers an employee for ESI deduction for a ESI Period even if employees crosses the ESI Salary limit.
  • Online Payroll makes it very simple for you to address the challenges of complying with the rules of professional tax in different states. Mark employee eligible for PT deduction.
  • All forms and report according to statutory acts such as Employees’ Provident Fund & Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952, Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948, Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act, 1970, Payment of Wages Act, 1936, Minimum Wages Act, 1948, Equal Remuneration Act, 1976, Payment of Bonus Act, 1965, Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972, Maternity Benefit Act, 1961, Factories Act, 1948, Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946, Employment Exchanges (Compulsory Notification of Vacancies) Act, 1959, Shops & Establishments Act, Labour Welfare Fund;
  • Ad-hoc Reports Builder: Design any report you want within seconds with HRIS/HRMS’s powerful report builder tool. Create unlimited number of reports and surprise your management with detailed analysis on your payroll.
  • Export Options: Facility to export all reports to PDF, Excel or MS-Word by just one click.


Technology/Application Architecture/Utilities 
  • Quickly upload employee data in HRIS/HRMS using Import data facility. Update thousands of records like incentives, leave details, new joiners, etc. within seconds by importing the data in excel sheets and stop wasting your time in making manual entries for each record.
  • Users Management: Use predefined roles or define your customized roles as per your need.
  • Define new work flow according to your requirements or customize current workflow to support your requirements.
  • N-tier architecture delivers scalability and ability to connect with web services.
  • Application is made using N-tier architecture so no matter whether you are small, medium or large enterprise and total number of employees in organisation.
  • HRIS/HRMS supports multi company facility so you can manage multiple companies HR Payroll using single software.
  • Real time integration with Biometric Devices, ERP System and Any existing System.
  • HRIS/HRMS provides Analytical and Graphical reports for short term and long term decision making.
  • Web Application Benefits such as World wide access, No Virus issues or software crash(i.e., No EXE), Free from Installation on each PC, Easy to update, Access via mobile devices
  • User friendly: Interface should be very user friendly. Non literate people can also use easily. A consistent look and feel throughout each module
  • System Users: Employee, HR Manager, Reporting Manager/HOD, Top Management, External Users i.e., Consultants, Customers, Vendors etc…


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