Things to be considered before purchasing any software for your business

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To grow the business, we have to step with the technology and it is very important to implement right software to simplify the business processes.
What are the parameters you are checking before buying any software for your business?

Generally, we are matching our requirements with the software functionalities, checking pricing as per our budget and we are looking for returns from this investment. Am I right?
In first sight there is nothing wrong, this is primary things we must check before selecting any software but in addition to above parameters following are also consider:

  • Technology Selection i.e., Types of Applications
    1. Desktop Application
    2. Web Application
    3. Mobile Application
    4. Web & Mobile both
    5. Cloud Application
  • Skills of Users
  • Infrastructure Availability
  • Integration Requirements
  • Customization or developments
  • Software Buying Options
    1. On Premise
    2. Cloud
    3. Advantages & Disadvantages of On Premise and Cloud Application
  • Software Requirements –Features/Functionalities
  • RFP
  • Look for alternatives
  • Gap fit analysis
  • Use of Software – Trial
  • Talk to existing clients
  • Implementation method
  • Organisation size
  • Support Options
  • Agreements

Apart from above primary subjects following are secondary subjects which you should look into before going forward to buy a software.

Total Price of the Software

Similar to Car price “On road price”, you have to consider all the aspects of pricing like Software base price/product price, project implementation price, Data migration and training fees, during implementation or execution cost of change requests and additional requests as well as the cost of project maintenance and software upgrade.

Software Scalability

The software should be enough scalable which can meet your demands. With the growth of the business down the years after you have doubled in the size.

Software Compatibility

Make sure the software is compatible with existing operating systems and software. Also, check the compatibility with your devices or hardware.

Software Founder

Check the background of provider and also know about the team who is working on your project execution. Also, understand the vision and focus of the company.

Vendor Location

There is some software which is designed and developed for some specific region/country and users. In addition to that, there are some business processes which are linked with government compliances so make sure that the software you are buying is compliant with statutory and government rules.

In some cases, we need a team for onsite implementation or execution of certain modules, in that case, the location of vendor plays an important role because of the lodging boarding charges, as well as the personal visit from the provider, is very significant.

Business model of Software Provider

Generally, there are two ways of revenue generation for software provider: One is selling the software and the other is rent the software. Selling software is one-time license selling while Renting is SaaS i.e., Software as a Service model. Both models have pros and cons before you take decision compare with your requirements and budget.

As per the research by Gartner 75% of ERP or Enterprise IT projects are getting failed due to one or more of above reasons, so don’t go in the hurry.

Note: Above details are common and it may vary based on the requirements and type of software. We can connect and discuss your requirements if you are looking for any new application purchase. Feel free to comment your views and thoughts.



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