What are the Different Types of Websites Content wise
What are the Different Types of Websites Content wise
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Many times, we read or hear different names said on the website such as Site, Website, Web Portal, Corporate Website, Blogs, Web directory and so forth. Is there any difference between two names of the website? Yes, there are several types of websites which I have explained in brief:

Personal Website

As the name explains it is a kind of website which is designed for a specific person such as a family, an individual, teenagers or grandparents or any professional who has his own website. Generally, the domain name of the personal website is the name of individual’s own or their nick name.

Web Portal

A website that provides multiple information and services is called the portal. The web portal is the gateway to other resources on the Internet. msn.com, Yahoo.com are the examples of Web Portal.

Community Website

Websites designed and developed for the purpose of getting social, forum, and sharing resources or discussions are community websites.

Http://Facebook.com, http://LinkedIn.com, http://citehr.com, http://myspace.com are the examples of community websites.

Blogging Website

Similar to ours i.e., www.pravinparmar.tech is blogging website where word BLOG derived from “Web Logs” i.e., online diaries, journals, editorials. Mostly blogging websites are personal blogging websites where the owner will log in daily or weekly or monthly or whenever and write about their lives or business or society.

Directory Websites

Just like printed yellow pages in the telephone book to find businesses and services, these days we have website directories. The Yellow pages has one named http://YP.com

E-Commerce Websites

You must have purchased something online via adding items into shopping cart, right? That’s E-commerce Portal or website. For Example, amazon.com, flipkart.com etc…

Wiki Websites or Knowledgebase

There are websites which have the knowledge base. The best example of wiki website is http://wikipedia.com

Affiliate Website

Affiliate websites are made to sell third party products where the seller receives the commission. For example, Amazon provides the affiliate account where you can display Amazon products on your website and if there will be sales from your website you will be paid.

There are affiliate agencies also, for example cj.com, eBay.com, Yahoo.com.

Archive website

Archive website is a website which preserves valuable data. For Example Internet ArchiveGoogle Groups

Coupon Sharing website

Coupon sharing website provides discount coupon codes of various products and services.

Attack Website

There are websites created specially to attack visitor computer when they visit the website by downloading a file.

Brand building website

Brand building websites are not selling anything but it is developed with the purpose of building the brand. Generally fast-moving consumer goods i.e., FMCG where the product has low value but high volume are common examples.

Celebrity Website

A website which is made for the celebrity to showcase information and figures of celebrity. For Example www.jimcarreyonline.com

Crowdfunding Website

Crowdfunding website is a platform to fund new and innovative projects by making donations or pre-buying of products. For Example https://www.kickstarter.com/

Click to Donate Website

A website which allows the visitor to donate to charity etc… For example The Hunger SiteFreerice

Content Website

Content website distributes the original content of any creation. For Example www.wikiHow.comwww.About.com

Classified ads Website

A website which is publishing classified advertisements, for example gumtree.com, Craigslist

Corporate Website

Corporate website is a business website which provides the background of any company, product, service. For example: http://hris365.com

Dating Website

A site where singles can find other singles for long term or short-term relationship, friendship. Dating Website also covers the social networking functionalities. Examples of Dating sites are match.com, eHarmony etc…

Fake News Website

There are websites which are made to publish fake news stories and the purpose is to earn money from advertisements because these websites are getting huge traffic.

Forum Website

Forum website is a type of community website where you can post messages or questions and it forms conversations. For Example Skyscrapercity, 4chan

Gallery Website

This can be commercial or non-commercial website made for the use of gallery such as photo gallery, art gallery, photo sharing etc… Instagram, Imgur, Flickr are examples of gallery or photo sharing website.

Government Website

The government of every country has their websites for local, city, state and national information management. Generally, Government websites domain extensions have .gov

Education Website

Education Institutes and academia have websites to provide information about the institute, course or programs, student results, time table, learning videos, student discussion boards and other related information for students. Mostly Educational websites have .edu or .ac extension in the website domain name.

Gripe Website

Gripe websites are also known as Complaint or suck websites. Gripe websites are devoted to the criticism of business, company, person, place, institution, corporation or government.

Gambling or Gaming Website

Users play gambling and games online on the gambling or gaming websites.

Humor Website

Humor website provides amuses, parodies to the audience online.

Media Website

The website which has loaded music, images, and videos, where users can upload new videos or download or watch online. YouTube, AmazonPrime or NetFlix are the examples of Media websites.

Mirror Website

Mirror website is the replication of another similar website. The purpose of creating mirror website is to provide multiple sources of same information and mainly used to manage the performance in case of giving access to large downloads to multiple users simultaneously.

Microblog Website

Microblog website is for simple and short blogging. Microblog website has the limitation of characters to publish. For Example, update status on Facebook or twitter are examples of microblog websites.

News Website

The news website is information website which is dedicated to news and updates.

Phishing Website

Phishing website is also called the fraud website because phishing website captures users very sensitive information such as passwords or credit card details. It is designed in such a way that people understand it is trustworthy such as Social Security administration or bank and the electronic communication is very attractive.

Torrents website

Torrent website has index of torrent files which are used to download online files. uTorrent or Bit torrent clients are the stand-alone applications which are used to manage download downloads. Mininova, The Pirate Bay, IsoHunt are the examples of torrent website.

Political Website

Political website, as the name suggests it is site where people post the political views and information regarding the elections and political parties.

Q & A website

Question and answer website where people can ask questions and get answers. StackOverflow.com, Quora, Yahoo Answers are the examples of Q & A site.

Religious Website

The place of worship, where website provides inspirations and encourage the faith of religion to its followers.

Review Website

Review website is an experience sharing site where users do post the reviews of services and products they are using. Yelp and Rotten Tomatoes are the best examples of review websites.

Scraper Website

Similar to Mirror website scraper website collects the information from another website without permission and the purpose is to generate revenue from the advertisement.

Search Engine Website

We all know google.com, Bing, and Yahoo. Right? These are the search engine websites which indexes another website into their database with the technology of crawling and whenever user search with specific keyword it will return links to reach specific information page.

Shock Website

http://rotten.com/ example of shock website which provides the material which looks offensive to most viewers.

Showcase or Portfolio Website

Organizations used to showcase their work or things of interest or value.

Social Bookmarking Website

Social Bookmarking website is a site where the user takes content from another website and rate and comment on the same. StumbleUpon and Digg are the examples of Social bookmarking websites.

Social Networking Website

A Community website where users share media such as images, videos, music, articles and communicate with each other. Facebook, Google+ are the examples of Social Networking website.

Social News Website

Social News website where the user posts the content which is ranked based on the popularity of the content. Users Comment on the posts and those comments can also be ranked. Reddit, Slashdot, Digg are the examples of social news websites.


Warez is a type of website where people do upload mostly pirated software, music, videos and other material which can be downloaded by the Internet users.


The webcomic is a website provides online comic.


Webmail is a website which provides email service, Hotmail.com, outlook.com, Gmail.com, Yahoo.com are the example of webmail websites.

Comparision Website

Comparision website is a site that compares a particular products or services online.

Porn Website

Websites which publishes pornographic contents are called porn websites such as redtube.com


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