different HR Software
different HR Software
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Via this article, I would like to answer a question which is “What are the different HR software available and what software we should implement for Start, Grow and on Optimize stage?”
Mainly you can categorize all following software into Benefits-focused software, Recruiting-focused software, Performance-focused software, Training-focused software and Workforce-focused software.

This information is for knowledge, if you are going to implement any software I would suggest to consult any expert first because information technology may vary organization to organization and have several parameters to check. Click here and see what things to be considered before buying any software.

  • Workforce Management OR HCM/HRM/HRMS/HRIS/HRMIS suite
  • Recruitment and Application Tracking Software
  • Employee Background Check
  • Employee psychometric test
  • Visitor Management or Candidate Visits
  • Resume Data Bank
  • Job board and Employment Websites (CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc.)
  • Employee Onboarding Management
  • Employee Information Management Software
  • Collaboration/Communication Tools (Tools that help your employees communicate with each other: Yammer, TINYPulse, Chatter, etc.)
  • Document Management Software
  • Employee Asset Management Software
  • Employee Benefits Management (Manage and track employee benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, and retirement accounts, and compliance in a single location)
  • Employee Attendance & Leave Management
  • Employee Scheduler or Shift Planner
  • Compensation management (Compensation includes pay, bonuses, incentive programs, commission, and salary planning, and these systems let you track it all)
  • Payroll Processing Software
  • Employee TDS Calculator
  • Employee Expense Reimbursement Management
  • Employee Travels and Accommodation Software
  • CSR Management
  • Labour Contractor and Sub Contractor Management
  • Employee Events Management
  • Employee Training OR Learning Management Software
  • Succession Planning and Management (Succession planning is a process for identifying and developing new leaders who can replace old leaders when they leave, retire or die)
  • Wellness Management (Employee wellness programs or wellness plans are a form of health benefit that many employers provide)
  • 360 Degree Employee Feedback Software
  • Balanced Scorecard Application
  • Employee Total Rewards and Recognition Management
  • Employee Engagement Tools
  • Employee Corporate Directory
  • Employee Culture Management Software
  • Business Intelligence i.e., BI Software

Feel free to post any comment or questions you have. I would love to answer all your questions.


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