Digital-Marketing-learning-pravin parmar
Digital-Marketing-learning-pravin parmar
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Lot of students and fresh graduates ask me “How to start start learning SEO and Digital Marketing?”

There are several websites to start learning but keep in mind that your learning should be practical. You have to ask lot of questions to yourself like:

What is SEO?

What is Digital Marketing?

Why SEO and Digital Marketing?

How google ranks websites?

What activities you have to do to rank your website?

and so and so forth…

Let’s start creating future in the field of SEO and Digital Marketing. Go through following links as well as other online resources you have got to learn SEO and digital marketing.

YouTube Channels:

I suggest to register on all above websites to get regular updates and also register to for online webinars.

As you know these are the online resources which gets changed with time so if this post is older than 1 year. You may find my other post or let me know to help you out for finding right resources.

Thank you for reading.


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