What Every Developer Must Know?
What Every Developer Must Know?
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Software Developer or App developer should have knowledge of certain subjects and concepts. Many developers are good in programming but do not know other important factors and because of that, they are not getting the right career growth. In addition to programming language developer should also know following:

Programming Languages

The developer should have sound knowledge of programming language for which developer is known but Developer should also know other languages. If you know multiple languages then only you can compare concepts of two or more languages and value the importance of the concept. It is preferred that developer should know any one language of each mainstream development paradigms such as:

  • procedural programming languages
  • object-oriented programming languages
  • functional programming languages
  • declarative programming languages


Knowledge of User Interface and User experience is very important. Knowing the UI/UX, you will be able to code accordingly which can ease the development as well as improve the performance and reduce the bugs or errors.

Understanding Business of Customer

The developer should be able to understand the business process of the customer. In large enterprises where the software development processes are well defined where developer may not need to understand the business because they are getting the technical document which has everything described in depth, they just have to translate technical writing in the form of computer programming but in true sense when you are developing an app or software and you have the major role of developer it is important to understand the business of customer.

Requirements Analysis

The customer speaks requirements in a very simple talks and when there is no system analyst in between the developer should have the knowledge to understand and analyze the requirements. The developer has to prepare the list of tasks, find risks, estimate the project, give importance or prioritize tasks etc…

Project Management

Yes, you are not the project manager but tasks which are assigned to you which you have to manage and task time estimation you have to give to your project manager or team leader. Being a team member, you can learn the way of thinking and practices of project manager so that someday you can also manage team and tasks. When you are developer no one will expect complete project management but if you know basics of project management it will help you in development and delivery.

Software Security

Security is getting more importance these days. Even though you can develop good software with respect to performance and functionality, if your software is not secured you are not the good developer. OWASP – The Open Web Application Security Project is a not for profit organization and their focus is to improve the security of software. There are several tools available on the web to check the security of software as well as learn the concepts of the software security.

Development Tools

There are several tools available for the developer which helps in customer requirements specification and analysis, application and database designing, debugging, coding standards, profiling, code analysis, build management, project deployment, testing or controlling the source code.


It is difficult to trust on the code unless and until you pass the unit test, integration & system test, performance test, load and stress test. Before you deliver the solution you should test yourself to reduce change requests.

Other concepts such as:

  • Object oriented concepts, analysis & design
  • Data structures 
  • Big-O notations
  • UML notations
  • Knowledge of scripting language
  • Basics of Operating systems
  • Basics of Computer organization
  • Basics of Networking
  • Version controlling systems
  • Architectural patterns
  • Writing clean code
  • App Deployment and release techniques
  • Art of Google Surfing or googling techniques
  • Problem solving ability


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