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Things to be considered before purchasing any software for your business

Things to be considered before purchasing any software for your business

Benefits and Advantages of HR Technology

Benefits and Advantages of HR Technology

Different types of HR Software

Via this article, I would like to answer a question which is "What are the different HR software available and what software we should implement for Start, Grow and on Optimize stage?" Mainly you can categorize all following software into Benefits-focused software, Recruiting-focused software, Performance-focused software, Training-focused software and Workforce-focused software.

Scope of Support or Maintenance Agreement

Scope of support or project maintenance agreement which is Onsite, Remote, telephonic & off-site support for Fixing bugs and lacunas, Modifications/ add-ons to the current implementation, Trainings, project updates and upgrades

Technical Documentation in Application Development

List of documents which are necessary to prepare for the proper project execution. List of documents may change as per the project methodology or the process you are following and sometimes it depends on the type of project and it's behaviour

What and Why Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

MVP is concept of lean startup and it is validation learning i.e., for that version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort.

Why Startup fails?

advice for the individuals who are planning to start a startup

What are the types of Business applications and how to select...

The question is "What are the types of Business applications and how to select it?" is very common. It is very important to know the...

What is required to start iOS App development?

article for those non IT companies who are starting mobile app development

Alternatives to Bitcoin in Cryptocurrency

article for those who are looking for alternative of bitcoins

Free Software for Universities, Colleges, Schools and Students

this is specially for the schools and colleges who are looking for free software

How to Start Learning SEO and Digital Marketing?

this article is for SEO and digital marketing beginners

Primary Role of HR Agency

article for startups who are expecting services from HR agency
Workforce Management

Workforce Management

Critical Trends in HR

Critical Trends in HR